Friday, September 17, 2010

On Our Anniversary

It is difficult, maybe impossible, to predict what will happen tomorrow. On my wedding day six years ago I never could have predicted what would occur from that day to this. I never would have imagined all of the trials, difficulties and heartache we'd see, but the beauty is I could never have predicted all of the happiness, joy and enchantment that would ensue.

While I can't guess what the next six years will bring us, I'd like just a quick look back on some of the things the last six years brought us.

This is the place where I saw you for the first time. It's also the spot where you spent hours working, and I spent countless hours flirting and trying to get you to remember my name! I'm amazed I was allowed to get away with as much on-the-clock flirting as I did! So it wasn't our favorite job ever, but some did come out of it. Has a woman ever looked so cute in a uniform apron? I don't think so! I couldn't find a picture of you in your apron so this costume will have to do. (No one's ever been a cuter Egyptian princess either. My apologies, Nefertiti!)
I think our most beautiful, most romantic courting place was this little bench. We would spend your breaks sitting on this little bench chatting and getting spritzed by the car wash that I conveniently left out of the picture. I felt like the back of the gas station captured the mood better than the car wash. Nothing is more romantic than a gas station, right?
I know, you've been been wondering if I'd forgotten this place. How could I forget our time in this room? The break room at work was a hot bed for flirtatious notes written on napkins. Guess what, I still have some of those notes. On the rare occasion our breaks were together I got to have the best thirty minutes of my day here...ok maybe it was more like forty minutes.

Remember this? This is the gazebo where we could have (and should have) had our first kiss if only one, or both of us, were just a little less timid.Who could forget love park? I fell in love with you while you studied your Arabic flash cards right here.
I'm glad they finished the park. When we were there and the park was still under construction it wasn't nearly this pretty.

Recognize this? It's changed a lot since the last time we were here. The pool is new and the walk way has gotten a lot bigger, but this is the spot where we had our first kiss.
Do you remember the hours and hours we spent here? Provo Canyon was the site of many bombfires (bonfires for those of you not present for them), deer sightings, walks, a feared car theft and of course, one shaky handed proposal.Our first little home. I will never forget the many firsts we had here. Our first anniversary, first positive pregnancy test, first sleep walking experience, first "favorite" neighbor, first Christmas and so many more. This was also the home of a penny in the garbage disposal, a ferret sighting, a sneaky wife hiding behind the door while an unsuspecting husband came in singing a catchy tune and holding breakfast strudels and chocolate milk. Then there was the secret stash of plastic bags and grocery store ads, a hidden pot stash which, I am sad to say, is gone now (Don't worry, it's not what you think people) and a really tight parking spot that left our car and the jeep with scratched side mirrors. Don't forget one frozen bus rider, slumber parties in the front room, and Cash Money! Then there's a car crash with a fake note, ward prayer across the street and so many more memories.
So these stairs aren't really a shared memory or experience, but I fell in love with you as you made your trip up and down these stairs every day without a word of complaint. You never even asked if we could rearrange our schedules so you could have the car. You simply put on your backpack and went.

After a year of living in an apartment that didn't allow pictures on the walls we finally got our own home and pictures on the wall. If you look closely you can see our old light is still up side down, but don't look too closely. The bugs have covered the whole thing! This home was where we welcomed both of our children. It was also the place where Avi learned to walk and talk, at least temporarily. Itai's time here was short, but this was the first home we all had together. We changed this place as much as possible in the time we spent there and were extremely lucky to have had such a nice home and have sold it right when we needed to.
I fell in love with you here as well. Here among the ancient stones I found new love for you. I loved seeing your home, your school and your family. I don't think I've ever told you, but I even loved the feeling that you were the only person in the whole country that I knew. (Once your dad and brother left.)
Can you believe I even fell in love with you here, in this room, where we were given some of the most difficult news of our lives? Does seeing this picture bring a flood of emotion for you as it does for me? Even though my heart was breaking in this room I knew I was lucky to have you beside me.
I have fallen in love with you in the strangest of places: Office Max, Kokomo's, libraries, cemeteries, in the "land of the giants," and restaurants serving mushrooms of death. I will never forget flooded vacations, popcorn burns, magical waiters, tired days or dead fish on the shore.

I love you for who you were
the person I know you are
and the person you will become.

I probably wouldn't have done everything the exact same way i.e. Target parking lot or the incident of registering at Bed Bath and Beyond, but other than those few things the last six years have been more amazing than any thing I could have ever expected.
Thanks for everything and happy anniversary Deborah!


Valerie said...

Happy anniversary to two of the most awesome people I know!
(I'm glad to know that there are a few romantic guys out there. (: )

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Happy Anniversary! beautiful post to your beautiful wife!

Steph, Bryce, and Andie said...

I love that post... very clever and sweet! Happy Anniversary to you two!

Stella Andes said...

I love this post, and I love you two and your two cute boys! Well done, Jared! I didn't check much yesterday online after 13 hours of work -- like not at all. So I just saw this. Hope your anniversary was happy and that you have fun on your anniversary date!

Tiff :o) said...

Great post, are pretty romantic...who would have guessed you'd turn out that way? lol Happy anniversary to you two. I'm so glad you're so happy together.

Terry Family said...

I loved this post! Such a romantic guy, for sure. :) Happy Anniversary, you two!

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