Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Party!

My children are spoiled, plain and simple. Any child that has three birthday parties, mountains of gifts and a push over father is bound to be spoiled. Having a lot of family close by, a birthday and a devilishly cute smile don't help either. Once again when a birthday rolls around we end up having a lot of celebrations.

Before we started the birthday parties we started off with a train ride. Itai has been really interested in trains lately so I thought he'd love the ride; I was wrong. He was terrified the entire time. He wouldn't even sit on the seat by himself, but when we got off the train he wanted back on. *Sigh* I can never win.
At least he liked the little gazebo after the train ride was over.
So I forgot to take pictures again, but Debbie got a few.
Oh well, Itai had some pretty fun things in store of him. Itai's first birthday celebration was with grandma, grandpa and family. Itai and Avi both loved being with family and the presents didn't hurt either. Itai opened his first present to find a truck in the bottom of the bag. After that truck he expected every single bag have a truck in it. This didn't end with this party either.

When he and his friends got together for a party he expected to find a truck in every bag. Luckily for him (and not so luckily for mommy) there was a truck or something similar in nearly every bag. So our house in now loaded with trucks and bulldozers, ambulances and fire trucks and just about any other truck-like thing you can think of. Itai's party was planned to be a water party, but nature had other plans. We started out playing outside in the pools, trying to shepherd the children toward the games and activities, but once the rain started falling the party suddenly became a competition amongst the youngsters to see how quickly they could find every toy in the house, play with it and then throw it as fast as possible.

Itai's last party (I hope it's the last party!) was another joint party. Itai shares his birthday with a cousin and his aunt and uncle's anniversary. So we all met up at the happiest place in Utah: Chuck-a-Rama. Avi and Itai were thrilled to see so many family members. Itai was even more excited to see one of his presents, a little lion. He held it tightly the until the waitress brought him a high chair for his baby. He ended up feeding his "baby" for the rest of the evening. Mr. Lion now has a Mac and Cheese stain on his mouth.
Now that the parties are over Itai is surrounded with toys, clothes, books and left over candy from the pinata, Debbie is left trying to find a place for everything and Avi and I are playing with the toys when Itai isn't looking.


Terry Family said...

That's so cute that you took him on the train for his birthday! And don't worry, I don't think we're meant to win as parents -- the kids will hate it when they're on it, and want to get back on it when they're off it -- I think it's an unwritten rule.

I'm glad that all of the parties and spoiling went so well. Itai definitely lucked out!

Tiff :o) said...

Lucky kids...3 parties. Glad he had fun.

Stella Andes said...

Darling pictures! He really is lucky -- and you might not need to buy any more trucklike toys for a very long time!

Heather and Thomas Mann said...

thanks for the invite to the swimming party! I know it didn't turn out the way you hoped... but the kids had a ton of fun. glad your cute little one had a great series of celebration!

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