Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank Heaven for Fall Break!!

I had a week off of school for fall break last week. It was so nice to be home to be with our boys and Debbie. Sadly, between the weather and Avi's surgery we didn't get to do a lot of fun things during the week, but Friday we had a little time to have some fun. I woke up really early from work and after everyone was ready we headed out.
First stop: the park! Avi and Itai were happy to get on the slide and run on the bouncy ground (this park had the soft ground made of recycled shoes and tires). Avi got to climb up his favorite wall and tried the bent ladder for the first time on his own. He made it all the way to the top! Itai found a soccer ball and loved it. He tried to carry it, but it was so big that he couldn't hold it for long. Once he dropped it he got to chase it down and start over. We found out that he LOVES the long slides and HATES the swing.
After the park we drove past a pumpkin patch and decided to pull in. We thought that Avi would love it picking out a pumpkin, but he just wanted to run the entire length of the field. So Debbie and I got to pick the pumpkins while they rode in the wagon. Maybe next year.
Our last stop was the costume shop where, finally, we found Avi's costume. He loved it! He was carrying it all over the store. The boys both have their costumes and Avi has learned to say "trick or treat." It took quite a few m&m's and an episode of Little Einsteins, but he loves saying
it. I hope he stays excited for Halloween!


Tiff :o) said...

What, no sneak peak of the coveted halloween costume? Looks like they enjoyed the park.

Us said...

I'll post some pictures on dress up day at Avi's preschool, but until then I'm sure you'll be waiting anxiously. ;)

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