Friday, October 16, 2009

A Morning at Primary's

Tuesday morning we woke the boys up early for a big day. Avi had a morning appointment with an ear surgeon to have tubes placed in his ears. Things started off kinds slowly with both boys falling asleep on the couch. We were in a hurry but it did provide us with this cute little moment. Avi has been really affectionate with Itai lately and Itai LOVES it. He's been waiting for the hugs and kisses for a while now.

Eventually we got them up and bathed and ready to go. Sadly, Avi and Itai went their separate ways. Avi up to the hospital and Itai down to grandma and grandpa's (thanks again!!). Avi was so happy when we arrived, he got to play with toys, ride an elevator and even show the nurse how to exam him. Itai meanwhile got to relax a bit.

At the hospital Avi got dressed in his hospital gown complete with his "green socks." He was quite taken with them. The nurse seemed afraid to talk to Avi. She asked if he could handle her talking to him or if I needed to do it. I told her she could talk to him, which she did saying, "Sweetie, we're going to go back into a room and a doctor is going to put a mask on your face just like this one, only it won't have plastic around it. Then they're going to give you some gas that will smell like root beer, strawberries or grapes. The room we're going to is a clean room and daddy can't come in it. You'll have to walk into the room all alone and daddy will wait here for you. Do you understand?" The way she spoke to him I wondered what planet she came from and if there happened to be any children on that planet.

After I re-explained what I thought was important to Avi she asked me if he needed a social worker to come help him with the separation. I wasn't sure she was serious. She asked again saying, "A lot of kids like him (as if she knew anything about him) had a hard time being separated from their parents. I smile and told her I thought he'd be fine.

He was. When it came time for him to go I pointed the doctor and said, "You're going with the doctor now. Can you hold his hand? He gave me a kiss goodbye, grabbed the doctor's hand and off he went. No tears, no screaming and bravely enough, no social worker was required. It was less than twenty minutes later that they called the parents of Christopher (for some reason they decided to use his middle name, much to my displeasure.) to come to recovery. The tubes went in and we were out and all at ridiculous speeds. Thank heaven they let us leave quickly. Avi woke up very grumpy, which is why all of the pictures are pre-op.
After two untouched Popsicles, a few trips to the window, some time with the markers and a ride in a wagon we were gone. This was SOOOO much easier than the MRI we had done. Now we listen for changes!

Tubes are in now and he seems just fine. Thanks Doctor Kelly!


Valerie said...

I love all the pictures, but of course that first one of Avi's arm around Itai is precious. Sorry about the annoying moments. And what does she mean "a lot of kid like him" have a hard time with separation? A lot any kind of kids have a hard time with it, especially somewhere new and scary like a hospital! I've had to run after Alex at the dentist and Elisa at the doctor. I'm glad Avi did well.

Terry Family said...

Wow, I'm so glad that you guys got tubes put in his ears! We had wondered if Boston needed tubes back in the earlier days. I'm sure you'll see a great improvement. What a blessing!

That is such a cute picture of your little boys together. I love that they are so affectionate with each other!

Us said...

She seemed to have some pretty strange ideas about autism. I tried to explain to her that he's not afraid of stethoscopes, but she wouldn't listen because kids like him get frightened by them. Then I tried to tell her that he won't open his mouth for her without the depressor, but again she wouldn't listen. I don't know if she was trying to hard to be sensitive or just afraid of autistic children. Who knows.

Tiff :o) said...

So what are the ear tubes for? I rememebr being threatened with them by my doctor in Florida and I was so afriad. I'm glad he did well and was so brave. :o)

Us said...

He needed them for hyberbaric oxygen therapy. If he didn't get it he could have inner/middle ear problems. Also, he has had a lot of ear infections and the doctor suggested we get them last winter, but we didn't do it until now.

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