Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bears and Other Happy Occurances

Thanks everyone for making Itai's birthday (birth week really) usch a fun, happy event. We had a party with the Andes family on the Sunday beofer his birthday and then a party with the Rona family the following Sunday. Itai was competely spoiled by everyone. :) Thank you.

Monday he and Avi were invited to build a bear with Savta. THey really enjoyed picking out their bears and costumes and now have two good friends, Efi and Shimi. They both love those bears like crazy.

Avi attended his second week in speech therapy and loves it. Maybe I should say he loves the puzzles. They have those puzzles that make sounds when you put the piece in place. He especially loves the puzzle with the fire truck, motorcycle and his new favorite thing, ambulance. The therapist says she is confident that we (or she) can get him talking. I think if she has the right puzzle she could probably teach him just about anything!

Preschool is back in full swing and this week Avi will be reunited with his beloved bus. He has a new teacher this year and we're hopeful that she will be more interested in Avi than last year's teacher.

Itai has begun a cruising campaign. He marches from one end of the couch to the other, then to the table, the tv stand and wherever else he can. He has taken six or seven steps on his own, but doesn't seem to believe that he can do it. It probably won't be long before he leaves the safety of the side of the couch. His big smile has a new tooth. I really can't believe how quickly he has grown.

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