Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Avi Rules

Like most kids, Avi has a set of rules that, if followed, make life a little smoother.  Wanna know what to expect with Avi?  Well, here's some clues.

1.  Food is communal.  Very communal.

2.  I reserve the right to climb on, jump on, hug, follow, and pester any person I like.  Once you have received a "liked" designation you will likely retain this designation for life.

3.  Every environment is to be thoroughly explored, paced, climbed, run.  Every single inch, every single minute.

4.  Fruit-good.  Meat-bad.

5.  Hugs and kisses must be born spontaneously.  Ask if you want, but you might not like the answer.

6.  Clothing is optional.  No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

7.  Water is better than land.  (Clothes may disappear here.)

8.  Trampolines are better than land.  (Clothes may disappear here.)

9.  Furniture is better than land.  (Clothes may disappear here.)

10.  Any unsupervised time means something may be eaten, broken, lost, or worse.

11.  I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.

12.  4:00 am is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up.

13.  4:01 am is a perfectly acceptable time to jump on another person and ask for pancakes and fruit...or hot dogs...or ice cream.

14.  When it is time for bed, it is time for bed.  No playing around.

15.  A little popcorn goes a long way.  Normally all over the house.


Heather and Thomas Mann said...

Those are pretty awesome rules. I didn't know your house was clothing optional :) such a cute guy!

Valerie said...

Hopefully he changes rule #12 and so rule #13 also sometime soon. At least he goes to bed at bed time. :)

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