Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Your Wildest Dreams

Every morning Itai wakes up and tells us what his dreams were the night before.  He has a lot of recurring dreams.  His worst recurring dream is about sheep.  He's been scared of the song "Baa Baa Black Sheep" for a long time, but it got worse recently.  He started having dreams about black sheep attacking him, or roaring at him, or scratching him.  Then the dreams took a turn for the worse when the sheep became "scratch sheep."  Scratch sheep, according to him, can be black, or grey, or invisible.  They roar and scratch, but they don't eat us.  All we have to do is say "baaaaaa" and he shrieks at the top of his lungs.

He also has good dreams.  Recently he dreamed he was swimming in the ocean when he saw a shark.  He swam under the shark and saw really cool colors.  Most of us would prefer a dream where we encounter a sheep than one where we swim with a shark, but for some reason he's less afraid of sharks.

He's also had dreams that he and I were superheroes (I loved hearing that!).  Last night he had a dream that his skeleton came out of him and he could see it.  He said, it was really big, but it fell in the water.  That dream wasn't scary either.

All of his reports make me wonder, what does Avi dream about.  I imagine that he dreams about swinging, jumping, running or swimming.  Maybe his dreams are similar to Itai's, though I've never seen him afraid of a sheep before.  Maybe he dreams about something I've never imagined.

When he was young and would speak or sign we would ask what he dreamed about, he would sign or say cars or airplane.  Maybe one day he'll tell me his dreams.  Perhaps they'll be as mundane as mine, or as imaginative as Itai's.  No matter what they are, I'd love to hear them.

As for Itai, I'd love for him to have more dreams that don't scare him out of his bed and running full speed to mine.


Tiff :o) said...

How weird to not be frightened by your own skeleton coming out, or swimming with a shark but afraid of sheep....very weird, indeed. Of course, I can't talk...I have had my share of bizarre dreams. I hope Avi dreams about happy things.

Missy said...

Wow! That is sad! I imagine Steven king could take they concept of sheep and make a really scary movie about scratching sheep! What a good little imagination! Kaitlyn has nightmares about Marley being a skeleton coming after her all the time! Ahhh! I hate Halloween for the fact it triggers so many scary dreams for the kiddos.

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