Friday, August 13, 2010

Day at the Museum

At the very beginning of the summer we had dinner with a friend from my time in Lithuania and his family. When we parted ways we said we needed to get our kids together during the summer. Weeks past and I failed to make anything happen, but a few weeks ago I saw a sign for discount days at a local museum and decided we should go. We arrived at the museum before them which gave us enough time to take a few pictures and let the boys run wild (which they happily did).

Avi really enjoyed the beautiful weather, the freedom and rocks to climb on. It can be tricky to get a picture of him smiling, looking in the general direction of the camera and moving at warp speed, so I was really pleased to get this picture of him.Itai loved the freedom as well. He's still working on the whole climbing-jumping thing so the rocks weren't as inviting for him, but he enjoyed pushing the stroller around, following Avi and making the occasional break for it. It's quite a bit easier to get a picture of him looking at the camera, but he was really not interested that day.It turns out I wasn't the only person to see the advertisement for the discount day; the place was packed! We unwisely brought our double stroller in and could barely maneuver around the without bumping, hitting or running over someone. With all the craziness inside I didn't even think to take pictures. Shucks! Next time I guess.

In the mean time these pictures will just have to do. Avi loves the trampoline at his school. If he could he would stay there all day and night. I think we could replace the entire Disneyland park with one trampoline and the fountain in Toon Town and he'd be fine, as long as he got his turn at both. He's not mad in this picture, I promise.Check out that hang time!


Terry Family said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post for such a long time -- I'm sorry I haven't done this sooner! I'm glad to hear that you were getting together with a friend that you knew while in Lithuania, that must have been fun. The kids look like they had a fun time running wild. The picture of Avi sitting still with a smile is great -- both of your kids are so adorable. By the way, if Avi loves to run so much, maybe you could look into a little preschool soccer league, maybe through a local community center -- I'm sure he would love the running part. Plus, it looks like his jumping skills are out of this world. Do you have a trampoline at home? It looks like he could probably jump all day long on that thing! It is really great when you find something that your kids really enjoy.

Us said...

The friend from Lithuania was Graybeal. :) We've thought of a soccer or baseball league (they have a special league in Utah County), but I think the rules still escape him. We're still looking for a trampoline that will fit in our tiny little house. Thanks for the great suggestions!

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