Saturday, July 11, 2009

Presentation and School's Out

So Avi's preschool is out for the summer. Every day he asks us for "yellow car" or "bus." We have to tell him that his bus won't be back until next month. :( Luckily the school is year round this year (next year it will be going to the traditional format). Before the end of the year they had a program for the parents. The students came walking in single file and Avi was towards the back. You could see that he was suprised to see all of the people in the room and when he saw us he seemed very confused. This is a place he'd never seen us before and didn't expect this intrusion in his other world.

The presentation was "boom chicka chicka boom." Avi was so happpy to say it when the teacher asked, sadly that was the last thing he said, even in front of the microphone. He had fun though. We're hoping that next year, when he's in the program longer, he'll be able to participate a little more. The students sang a song for each letter. Avi's favorite was "Kiss Your Brain."
The last day of school we told Avi to say goodbye to Miss Sally. We don't know if he told her goodbye or not, but now he says Miss Sally all the time. She is moving to a different class next year so Avi will have a new teacher and a new name to learn. So bye Miss Sally and thanks for everything.

Now that school is out we've been trying to find fun things to do. We've done a trip to Thanksgiving Point's Country Farms, The Living Aquarium and Cabella's. Avi loved the horse ride at Thanksgiving point. But the thing he's liked most this summer was the tiny inflatable pool in our backyard. He could have stayed there all day, but once his lips turned blue and he couldn't stop shivering it was time to call it quits. This week we're planning on a trip to the zoo and the children's museum.
Poor Itai falls asleep on almost every outting. He does enjoy having Avi home o follow, climb on and laugh at. He is so happy to dig in the toy box, chew on anything he can get his mouth on and climb up on any unsuspecting lap of anyone sitting anywhere low enough for him to reach. We're waiting to get his second hearing screening and are anxious for that. I love how he stares so intently into our eyes. He hated the little backyard pool so badly that he grabbed my shirt and pulled up his legs so I couldn't put him in. I eventually got his feet in but he still didn't like it. I'm trying to find something that he'll love to do, maybe a horse ride. :)

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Valerie said...

Those are fun photos of both of them. Hope you find lots of fun things to do with the rest of your summer together.

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